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About Us

Birthed from the passion and sisterhood of its founders, long-time friends and alumni of Agnes Scott College, A Small Place Bookshop & Boutique is a commitment to amplifying Black narratives in a world of Black book bans and connecting women’s lives in a world where women experience a lot of vulnerability.

As educators and cultural workers who know the importance of books in our community. We recognized not only the power of books and dialogue for community building but also the need to highlight and celebrate Black literature and culture. We promote these sentiments in our homes with our families, but understand that many families live in book deserts. Furthermore we are aware of how censorship through book bans limits many people’s access to Black books. This bookstore is a reflection of our desire to share our love for stories and the rich, layered, and transformative voices of Black writers with our wider community.

Along with a specially curated selection of literature that reflects the breadth and depth of Black storytelling, A Small Place Bookshop is proud to offer cultural gifts. Visitors will discover a treasure trove of gifts, including handcrafted, sustainably-made pieces from Nta-woven, a global-inspired fashion brand that connects the tapestry of women’s lives through the vibrant colors of African fabric and fashion.

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